About us - Our office

Married to a farmer and based on a farm, with a broad experience in tourism and travel, it was natural for Eva Maria Friberg to start a travel agency focusing on professional agricultural tours in Sweden. This was in 1998.

Since then N&N Agritours Sweden has expanded to become a well-known tour-operator for the agricultural sector in Sweden. Belonging to the international network ATOI, Agricultural Tour Operators International, we are happy to be one of few operators in Sweden being able to offer professional agricultural tours in our own country as well as all over the world.

In the office you will find:

Eva Maria Friberg who has been working in the travel and tourism industry since early 80’s, in Sweden and many European countries.

Annica Ehrman lived and most of her life on a swedish dairyfarm and is an authorised tourguide.

We look forward hearing from you! 

     Eva Maria Friberg

Annica Ehrman