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Discover Sweden – the proud country of Smorgasbord, small red cottages, IKEA, meatballs and the northern light. Here's some of our personal tips and favourites.

Smorgasbord is nice, as is meatballs, fika, lingonberry and crisp bread. Many delicacies come from the Swedish waters, forests, farms and fields. Our restaurants for sure make use of all that tasty, local produce in seasonal menus, in order to follow the earth’s natural pace. Traditional meals are a must in our programs. Wish to pick the berries and mushrooms yourself, maybe enjoy a seafood or game safari? Sure, we will arrange that for you.  

Suggested culinary program in Skåne, the very south of Sweden, click here!
Suggested culinary program in West Sweden, click here!

Once in Sweden, be sure to enjoy the silence of the countryside and generous nature, accessible for everyone thanks to “Allemansrätten” (the public right of access). Hiking, biking and canoeing can be done almost everywhere, in combination with your bus tour. You can even get on the horseback to discover the best of Sweden! We always recommend bringing one of our professional guides with you, to get the most benefit. Get in touch with us for your tour!

Our suggested tour West Sweden Green & Blue lets you explore the best of nature and water. Travel along the west coast before heading inland to Lake Vänern, enjoy the magical “flowering mountain” Kinnekulle and Sweden’s longest tourist attraction, the Göta Canal. Read program here!

Every region of Sweden has its own traditions, specialities and famous people. The following are just a few. From the regions Värmland and Dalarna painters like Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and the first noble prize awarded female writer, Selma Lagerlöf, are well-known internationally. This area also offers a traditional folklore culture with music, dance and handicraft, like the Dalahorse. In the south region Småland you are welcome to the home of beloved author Astrid Lindgren. This region is also the center of traditional glassblowing and along the coasts medieval castles and other remains tells the story of the Hanseatic period and our history. Let us know your interest and we'll tailor your itinerary. Contact us

A tour along the “Hanseatic Road” will take you through the Baltics, via the “Island of Roses” (Gotland), to the north of Germany. Read program here! Learn about the Vikings and early middle ages through our well-kept churches and times before that through the mythical, scenic stone setting Ale Stenar. 
The span of architecture starts with the small, red fishing cottages and ends with modern buildings made of glass and wood. Simple and clean – like the traditional Scandinavian furniture style from IKEA. 

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Incentive travel

Specials for incentive travels in Sweden are more than beautiful Stockholm, ice hotel, dog sledding and northern lights! Your group may go on a seafood safari in the archipelago, paddle canoe, do some horseback riding, go for a hike, ride zip line or rush down a hill with mountain bike. Even great for teambuilding!

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