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Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden – so close but still so different!

Are you planning a tour to any, or several, of our Nordic countries? Whatever your choice, let us make sure you’ll get the highlights from every part.

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Some words about our neighbours

Denmark – connected with the continent the smallest country of the Nordic offers a mix of highly intense agriculture and a laid-back atmosphere where enjoying life has high priority. The fertile soil and mild climate are cornerstones that have made Denmark a high productive country of meat and milk. Wind power facilities are very common in this flat country. Ever since the Vikings, the Danes have been a successful world trader. Denmark is also the home to the Lego brick and fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen.

Norway - deep fjords between rocky landscapes and picturesque cities like Bergen. A harsh climate and mountainous surrounding make farming challenging, resulting in small-scale farms and a political aim for a high grade of self-sufficiency. Seafood is the biggest industry. Norwegian salmon sushi is actually one of the most popular dishes in Japan! To travel with Hurtigruten along the coast is a dream for many and can easily be connected with the north of Sweden. The capital Oslo has been the proud venue of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony (almost) every year since 1901.

Finland - the country of 1000 lakes, deep forests, the World Sauna Championships as well as the home of Santa Claus and Moomin. And the world’s happiest people, according to the United Nations' latest World Happiness Report! About 7% of the country's labor force are farmers, the highest number of all Nordic countries. Most farms are situated in the middle of Finland, among forests and lakes, but the north is expanding. Small farms usually combine with forestry. 

Other close countries easy to combine with your travel in Sweden is Iceland and the Baltics. For the cruise lover the Baltic Sea offers many exciting experiences.
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