Forest tours

Are you curious about, and interested to learn, how Sweden work in order to remain one of the world´s most successful forest industries? Let us create the perfect "behind the scenes" group tour, adjusted to your demands.

As forestry is one of the key industries of Sweden, covering almost 2/3 of our country with the main part in the north, there is a long tradition of making the best of the wood, both for production and for making it available for the Swedes and foreign visitors.

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Forest as industry - the Swedish forest is divided by private owners (50%), companies (25%) and the state (15%). Because of its big importance of the Swedish economy there has been focus on research and future use of the wood, for example for house construction, biofuel and textile fibre.

Forest policy – there is a strong movement from the government to keep an environment in the forest with a biodiversity and protection of unique vegetation. Different plans and projects, compulsory or off free will, are a big part of the Swedish forestry.

Forest and recreation – learn how innovative entrepreneurs use forest and nature to create business within nature tourism for example zip line adventures, glamping and different outdoor activities. 

Suggestion for possible visits:

  • Visits to forests with different ownership and management, see active work
  • Hear about forest strategy with nature reserves and other protections and how it affects the forestry
  • Visit plant schools
  • Visit at sawmills – from forest to finished house, or with a niche production
  • Hear about research for future use of the wood, bio fuel, textile and for construction
  • Meet advisors to as well as a company making building materials of the construction industry etc…
  • Experience outdoor tourism

If you are primarily interested in forest, we as experienced incoming agency are happy and able to provide a unique tour with forest focus for you.

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Skogsstyrelsen is the official authority to administrate the forestry in Sweden. Production, availability, sustainability and statistics.

Skogssällskapet is an independent part in forestry for service within the production and development. Skogssä

Elmia wood is one of the main forest exhibitions in the world taking place every 4th year.

Södra is a large economic organisation, owned by more than 50.000 forest owners in south Sweden. Sö